Techno Stone Marble & Granite is one of the leading natural stone companies in Egypt.  Since 1974, we have been supplying the highest quality, ISO compliant products of Egyptian marble and granite to various international markets including the U.S.A., Belgium, Lebanon, Sudan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. 

Techno Stone owns one of the largest factories in the industrial area of Cairo making production and shipping efficient.  Our use of modern machinery allows us to produce many sizes and thickness of product for all your design applications.

Because we own and operate 2 major Samaha quarries in upper Egypt and 2 additional quarries in southeast Egypt, we can offer the highest quality and price as well as our exclusive Red Obour and Red Tiger products.



Some of our projects are listed below and also check out our photo gallery.

•    The Russian Embassy in El Giza 
•    The Poland Embassy in El Zamalek 
•    Belbes Airport Menya Airport 
•    Marsad Helwan 
•    Mena House Obroy 
•    Marriott Omar El Khayam 
•    Cairo Sheraton Hotel Kemit Hotel 
•    Cataracat Aswan Hotel 
•    Kalabash Hotel in Aswan 
•    Obroy Hotel Aswan 
•    Aqua Marina Hotel in Sharm El Sheik.
•    Grand Azure Hotel in Sharm El Sheik.
•    Egypt Tower for Tourism 
•    Faculty of Engineering - Monoof City 
•    Faculty Of Engineering - Asyoot University 
•    El Modaraat House - Salah Salem Street 
•    Faculty of Agricaluture - El Menya University 
•    High Academy for Nursing -Tanta City 
•    Faculty of translation -El Azhar University 
•    Bank Masr in El Salam City 
•    The buildings of the workers university